To infinity and beyond.

So this is my new life.    QA manager for the group (two quarries, a brickworks and an asphalt plant), health and safety manager for the same departments, editor of our company newspaper “The Sand Martin”, social club organiser, and now – globe trotting technician / engineer.     How far I had come from the tiny, dirty lab in the foundry…

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Where were you?

It’s a question that is often asked once a year – where were you on the day of the world trade center attack? September 11th 2001.    Many people will always remember where they were.   My friend for instance was in a plane over New York at the time, and was diverted to Maine and holed up in a hotel for three days as all air travel was banned.  I know exactly where I was… and it remains as vivid today as it did back then.    Continue reading

Phoenix rising.

Ha!   It’s times like this I know I should have been an author,  but I just can’t retain the thread of a story long enough to get it down on paper.    Not that this post is about my writing.  It’s just that I’ve impressed myself with the title.  Which incidentally bears little relevance to this post.  And thankfully absolutely nothing to do with Harry Potter!

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Push me Pull me…

Picking up where I left off regarding children and their future aspirations, I have pondered long and hard about what is the correct way to aid your children’s development – if indeed there is a correct way.   Do you stand by them if they make what you believe are unwise decisions, or do you try to steer them to make the best of their talents and skills?

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When I grow up, I want to be…

As our children grow up, I think adults are guilty of many things – over indulgence, lack of attention, asking their opinion over everything, not asking their opinion enough, leaving them to their own devices, pushing them in directions they don’t particularly want to go, low expectations, high expectations, growing them up too soon, not growing them up at all.
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